The Club


Watched the star trek movie? How about any other sci-fi movie? If you have, you must have enjoyed it. These are great movies that focus on the current lifestyles and gossip. They are the real deal that tries to tell us where we are and where we might be headed. If some of these movies inspire you, then you can be counted among the people who make it happen. That’s our concern at virgin galactic space club. We help enthusiastic scientists get on with careers towards success. It’s the youngsters that are inspired more as they don’t have the doubt factor in them. They believe that it’s possible and that’s our spirit.  All the juniors are welcome to our programs including;


This alone comes with so many benefits. You agree to become one of us. We then take care of your mental health through knowledgeable presentations and other programs that are though provoking in nature. Membership takes care of both the adults and their young ones. We empower all. Advantages of being a member include discounts on tickets, unlimited gallery admission, subscription to our newsletter, discounts on the café for eatables just to mention a few. You can go for the basic or premium membership.

Young enthusiasts

Identifying the interests of your kid early enough does help a great deal. We have a program specifically for the supper young scientists aged not more than 5 years. These are kids in pre-school stage. Learning is informal to cater for the needs of the little ones but they are very helpful in providing experience to the kids. They program also supports exploration at the very young stage. Kids get excited and can be motivated to make their own discoveries in the future. The caregiver or the parent has to be there with the kids during the program and no sibling should be carried along. All you need to do to get your kid learning about the greatest science inventions is register.

Girl programs

Girls are special people. These days, they are not locked out of any event or profession. Enthusiastic girls still schooling are welcome for a special event organized monthly. We offer science challenges in every session and exiting activities. Topics include robotics, physics, chemistry and environmental science. It’s an open session for all girls and not just the members. The member girls however will pay less as usual.