About Us

Space exploration is basically our thing. Anybody interested in learning more about what is happening in the world of innovation either inside earth or out into the galaxy is very much welcome. We are based in California. And that does not mean that we are limited to local members. We accept volunteers from all around the nation. We are future oriented and believers of the power of science. All creatures young and old with the common passion of learning about the galaxy can feel at home during our gatherings. We take you to the moon, into the solar system and beyond.

We investigate and explore

People always got unanswered questions about the planet or what exists beyond it. For sure if earth is self-sustaining and supports life, probably there might be other planets in the galaxy that can do the same. Just maybe. It’s the anxiety that instills the passion to learn more about the world. We know that no wonder how much we work, we may not exhaust everything there is to know. That’s because the universe is endless. But we cover most of the topics that are interesting to humanity. We have interactive exhibits that make you feel already in another world, a world of adventure. For the long duration we have operated, we have recorded plenty of great inventions.

The wonders of the earth are numerous. You may not discover most of them if you stay back and lock yourself in a house. We become your eyes as we go out there and capture the real nature and showcase it to our members. Not only do we explore the current wonders but the future wonders as well. All in the name of creating a better future.

We nurture scientists

Science starts at the virgin galactic space club. Our mission is not just to provide space discoveries to the adults and the already matured individuals only. Instead, we take care of the young enthusiasts in the world of science. We hold science workshops, educational camps, field trips and so much more. We take tours to the Silicon Valley for example for them to learn of the recent technologies.

Adults have their share

Events for the adults are even more that those of the juniors. Events include sky watching, rocket launch events attendance, sharing breaking news about robot investigations and much more amazing events. We also engage in the local community by offering regular free science events. Our members are encouraged to interact and share as much info as possible. We know that space enthusiasts go out to read a lot and invent much in the books as well documentaries. You can be sure that both our teachers and members are resourceful.


We have space for new volunteers whose dreams are aligned to our mission. We suggest that you visit our admissions page and learn more about the minor qualifications to meet.

On top of science knowledge, we gave a wide range of treats ready for our visitors. We understand that for the mind to absorb some of these amazing content, you have to be good down there. You can grab pizzas, salads, sandwiches and other healthy treats.